GeekNights Tuesday - Heaven's Vault (2019)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Inkle's 2019 game Heaven's Vault for Steam, Playstation, and Switch. It's unique, in a good way. In the news, Daft Punk ends, the Root Marauder Expansion is on Kickstarter, The Legend of Zelda is 35 years old, you've probably never actually heard the original Legend of Zelda theme, Civilization VI's barbarians just got a lot more interesting, and Zinequest is live.

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Blades in the Dark game started right after we finished recording the show, so I didn’t have time to edit it together and publish it last night :wink:

The Bluecoats showed up in the neighborhood above our lair and proceeded to try and burn the entire thing down.

I think they’re mad.

I wished to vault.

Couple hours into the game. How did I not hear about this before? Precursor tech, terrible secrets of space, time loops(?), what else could you want.

Well, besides walking faster.

I’m on my third play through.

You uncover some mysteries!!

Very cool game.

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Heaven's Vault (Video Game) - TV Tropes

I really appreciate these website toggles.


It really improves the readability of the site and I wish more sites had them.