GeekNights Tuesday - Golf

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Golf. This includes mini golf. In the news, Microsoft is likely buying Discord, Xbox Live is dead, Emily is Away 3 brings us to the Facebook era, Shredder's Revenge brings us a solid-looking TMNT game, and Magic: Legends is now in open beta.

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When Microsoft bought Skype, simultaneously MSN Messenger (windows live messenger) and Skype died.

MSN was deprecated, Skype became functional garbage.

Microsoft buying Discord is bad news for Discord users.

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I’m wondering if Microsoft is buying Discord to work with:

  • Microsoft Teams and other business stuff
  • Xbox Gamepass and other gaming stuff

If it’s the first, RIP. If it’s the second… well, they didn’t kill Minecraft.

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I reckon Minecraft is impossible to kill. It made all the money it needed to by the time it was sold.

Where as these communication platforms are very susceptible to early deaths.

As soon as basic features no longer function as expected, users will just migrate to another platform.

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Microsoft bought Skype in 2011. Balmer was CEO until 2014. Microsoft has changed a lot since then.

I don’t think they’re going to buy Discord, but if they do, I think there’s a decent chance they won’t break it.

I’m almost certain it is for Xbox. Teams has more features than Discord for anything Enterprise related already and Discord’s brand recognition would not help them there. I’m willing to bet with Xbox’s recent push for getting their first party games on PC too they’re looking for an efficient way to build communities on any platform.

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What about other golfs? Disc? Code?

Both briefly mentioned!

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Not Golf but tangentily related, My friends and I at the local climbing gym will play “golf” on really easy routes (v1-v3) to see who can get up the route with the least number of holds used. (a hold counts if you touch it with your hands or feet, a hold only counts once, you must use any specified holds)

It’s a fun end of the night game when you’re tired but want to mess around.

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I’ve played climbing golf. It’s real fun, and it’s accessible to even beginner climbers on easy courses.

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That accessibility is big, one of my friends keeps trying to get us to do the “you have to touch the hold with your foot first” game and I’m getting too old to become that flexible.

Wii sports golf is the ultimate golf game.

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Live stream:

Also tiger woods had disc golf on actual courses.

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