GeekNights Thursday - Us (2019)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the fantastic 2019 horror film Us. In the news, after some bike fails and overheating, this amazing Super Mario Commodore 64 port is taken down, Star Trek Voyager is better than you remember, and GeekNights formally endorses Elizabeth Warren for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination.

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Loved this scene. Love how they made this bop into something freakishly scary. Will never not think of this version when I hear the original.

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From the stinger:

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As someone with strong opinions about horror it was fun to see you guys get into it.

I love 3Blue1Brown, it’s one of the best maths channels out there. I never really thought about linear algebra in the geometric way that he’s presented and it’s kind of blown my mind.

I like that in the post-show Patreon read every week, it’s clear that Rym does not listen to the best comedy podcast out there, Hello from the Magic Tavern. Even though this very forum is where I discovered it.

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I do enjoy his wrong pronunciations. In his own way, Rym is a Spintax the Green stan.

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In that respect, definitely. But I have a feeling that Rym is a Baron Rangoon guy all the way.

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I’m going to splice together rym saying he’s usidore once I’m done with this string of madness.

After this it’ll be back to seeing if I can keep getting him to stumble of variations of “Chris Reimer and Thomas Hann” untill I can think of something else.

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Soundtracking with Edith Bowman has a non-spoiler discussion of the Music of Get Out and Us with Jordan Peele.

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I watched Us.

About 80% through, I’m thinking, “there better be a huge exposition dump coming, since I have no clue what is going on still.”

Well, the dump came. Somebody explaining everything. To the one other person that already knows it.

I was not very satisfied.