GeekNights Thursday - Trains

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about trains. (Not the X train). Critically important in the era of radically accelerating climate change, trains are our future. In the news, Republicans are now the leading cause of death for kids in the US, Republicans have filibustered the gun bill from the previous mass shooting, and Twitter was fined for stealing your phone number to target ads at you.

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Scroll to 10 minutes for snowpiercing magic.

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That wasn’t magic. That was extra disappointing. I was expecting it to just keep going forward and plow through the snow at speed, or at least half-speed. Instead it kept backing up and going forward again, slowly chipping away a little bit at a time. Hardly what I would call piercing. Also, it spewed black death exhaust into the air. Get a new electric snowblower train please. At least the train and its engineers have a good old-timey aesthetic.

This is the real shit.


It even changed aim! Amazing.

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