GeekNights Thursday - The Logistics of Moving

What the fuck why was this a thing ever?

It’s still a thing in Boston, to a lesser degree.

And some college towns.

Just some? Hells, before I made this most recent move, I was still pretty close to the standard “Moving Day” and I’ve been out of college for over a decade.

For all I know it could be all. I just haven’t seen any data or anything.

My immediate thought on reading the moving day wikipedia article is this has to have been an ordinance written with a specific racket in mind because of how incredibly non-nonsensical and terrible it is to concentrate the need for moving services (carts, horses, etc.) into one day to the point that rural farmers went into the city to hire out for profit to meet swelling demand.

Also since Philly does have something similar happen to a much lesser degree in the august/september time period at the first and end of those months because of all the college students that rent moving around. Its such a large segment of the population of renters that it significantly distorts lease availability in the specific college neighborhoods (University City, Manayunk/Roxborough, Powelton, Spruce Hill). When I had a month-to-month lease end in West Powelton I essentially had to move all he way out the North East to find a comparable apt during Feb-March years ago.

@Apreche This is a great article on all reasons all those wildfires got so terrible last year and the year before and why PG&E is still craptastic. A huge part (the instigating part in the Camp Fire and Paradise Fire incidents) of the issue is PG&E’s lack of real maintenance, but its heavily compounded by California’s extremely lax fire standards and development codes essentially allowing whole neighborhoods to be build int dry, fire prone pine forests on hills and canyons that have limited egress options and pretty much real fire planning and safety testing for evacuations.

Scott, bagels could be offensive to antisemitic countries because bagels=New York=Judaism=Jewish conspiracy, so we better ban bagels in our country.

I do not endorse that line of thinking and in fact I love me some bagels even though I’m out in the Mid-South-West-East-ish? Anyway, bagels are awesome.

On the subject of gender reveal parties:

They’re kitchsky and gauche imo but if all you did was cut a cake or pop a balloon then it’d just be another example of white people being white people. Besides the wildfire, a woman recently died at a gender reveal after getting hit by shrapnel from an explosion. Why hicks and rednecks gotta add pyrotechnics and guns to absolutely anything is beyond me, but congrats to that couple for denying their child a grandmother.

New York has had a traditional Moving Day ever since it was a Dutch colony, and this has had a huge influence on leases and the moving industry in the city (read: government had to put price controls in place so movers wouldn’t upcharge the fuck outta people). Fascinating topic really.

TIL about moving elevators.

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The Dutch sure love them moving, don’t they? I needed that back in December.