GeekNights Thursday - The Janelle Monáe Age of Pleasure Tour

Tonight on GeekNights, we review The Janelle Monáe Age of Pleasure Tour which we saw at Radio City Music Hall. It's a hell of a show and you must go to it if you can. In the news, "Detroit Pizza Kitchen" is a lie, the Nikon Z f cometh, the WGA lifts its strike with a huge victory, and the evil companies lose their bid to block a minimum wage for delivery workers in New York.

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Here is your Detroit Pizza that you can make at home

That’s the stuff. That particular crust style.


I just saw Suzy Izzard in Ottawa last weekend and we got front row seats for cheap (you know, reasonable monies). What shocked me more was most of the front row was just empty. The whole of the auditorium was fairly filled but there was 5 people in the front center row, I’ve never really seen that before.

Sometimes what happens is there is a section of tickets carved out for comps. This way the artists can give the tickets to friends, family, etc. without worrying that someone will buy them. A lot of time they don’t actually give all those tickets away, and don’t put them back out to be sold. Or even if they do put them back out to be sold at the last minute, there is no easy mechanism for people to easily exchange their current tickets to upgrade their seats.

I was at a family member’s show a few months ago. The whole thing was sold out except for several empty seats in our row for this very reason.

I was already kicking myself for missing Janelle Monae when she was in Seattle last month. Now it’s roundhouse kicks to the brainpan levels of regret.

I’m tempted to make this, but I’m not going to buy a unique pizza pan just to pull it off. Maybe I’ll quarter the recipe and try an 8×8×2?

That is Detroit style?

Yeah, it was just weird to be in the front row and see like 10 seats in a row completely empty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the like.

You should go to, like, 90% of sold out tennis matches.

How can I go when they’re sold out?

The new high tech live music venue is in Vegas, of course. The idea is to have an arena-capacity venue but designed around live music rather than sporting events. Seems like it’s starting out pretty successfully. Will it stick around as long as radio city music hall.

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I really wish I could be at one of those Sphere shows, but it’s way too pricey for my wallet. Last I checked seats in the front row start in the 1200 range and nosebleeds start in the high 200ish range iirc. The videos I’ve seen look really awesome tho!

It’s owned by Dolan, the same douchebag who owns Radio City, Madison Square Garden, the Rangers, the Knicks, etc. He’s basically all in on it. It’s been a huge financial boondoggle. I hope it fails only because it might force him to sell the teams.


No idea who Dolan is. I think the Sphere looks pretty cool. It would be awful anywhere except Vegas, but for Vegas it fits right in.

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Maybe I wasn’t clear: who Dolan is has no bearing on if the Sphere is the Radio City Music Hall of its day, nor whether I think it’s cool or not. I know how to look someone up on Wikipedia.

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But just Wikipediaing you may not stumble across the most laughable thing about him: he has a band, and since he owns the venue they open for real musicians.


That’s pretty cringe. But you know what? If I owned Radio City Music Hall or the Sphere, I would TOTALLY book my own band to play there.

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