GeekNights Thursday - Skin

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about skin. Yes, that kind of skin. In the news, Scott GeekBites Oxygen (2021), Rym GeekBites Walker (1987), maybe companies should be barred from bothering you after-hours, and AMC issues 11MM shares.

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I raise your skin with an eye.

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That eye is amazing.


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Scott learned something about RF interference from cheap LEDs today too. We’ll talk about that on Monday :wink:

Machinae Supremacy has a new track dropping tomorrow.

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Speaking of skin, I definitely got a little saddle sore on that 102 mile ride on Saturday.

I noticed something though. Irrespective of if I use some butt butter of some kind, I think it’s only one pair of my biking shorts that gives me a problem (and even then only if I go more than ~80 miles).

I have several pair, but there’s one pair I like because they’re slightly more comfortable. I think they’re not tight enough in key areas.

I think you missed the one thing that people have medical things done to improve aesthetics: teeth! You mentioned hair and nails, but didn’t mention teeth!

What shorts do you have? I too have one-more-comfortable-than-the-rest, and would like more.