GeekNights Thursday - Skin

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about skin. Yes, that kind of skin. In the news, Scott GeekBites Oxygen (2021), Rym GeekBites Walker (1987), maybe companies should be barred from bothering you after-hours, and AMC issues 11MM shares.

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I raise your skin with an eye.

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That eye is amazing.


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Scott learned something about RF interference from cheap LEDs today too. We’ll talk about that on Monday :wink:

Machinae Supremacy has a new track dropping tomorrow.

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Speaking of skin, I definitely got a little saddle sore on that 102 mile ride on Saturday.

I noticed something though. Irrespective of if I use some butt butter of some kind, I think it’s only one pair of my biking shorts that gives me a problem (and even then only if I go more than ~80 miles).

I have several pair, but there’s one pair I like because they’re slightly more comfortable. I think they’re not tight enough in key areas.

I think you missed the one thing that people have medical things done to improve aesthetics: teeth! You mentioned hair and nails, but didn’t mention teeth!

What shorts do you have? I too have one-more-comfortable-than-the-rest, and would like more.

When I had hair, I had dandruff. In those times I tried many different things. Pyrithion zinc (Head & Shoulders), coal tar (T/Gel), selenium sulfide (Selsun), etc. They worked, but none of them worked completely. My scalp always had some amount of flakes going on, but it was never a horrifying amount.

I also developed tinea versicolor in my 20s. It was defeated by prescription strength selenium sulfide. Because of that, I went with Selsun to both address dandruff and also the tinea. Two birds, one stone. Even after I got rid of my head hair, and therefore also my scalp dandruff, I kept using it.

Well, in more recent times I was getting flakiness on my face. That’s why I gave up on trying to grow a thicker beard. It was too hard to apply any kind of face skin treatment with all that beard in the way. And the beard oils and such recommended by other people were not working.

I got to a point where a combination of salicylic acid and moisturizer kept the face flakes at bay, but if I took a break for any amount of time, they came back with a vengeance. I think they were treating the symptom and not the underlying problem, which was some kind of fungus. Also, the tinea started returning a little bit, which is also a fungus. Also, I’ve had similar red flakiness in the center of my chest for years that I just never bothered to address.

Well, I see this video here from the dermdoctor.

As soon as I saw this, it was a eureka moment. That is 1000% exactly what I had. It’s just face dandruff. So I go out to get the suggested Nizoral, in which ketoconazole is the active ingredient.

BOOM. All skin problems solved. Face flakes gone. Chest redness gone. Tinea gone. This is after just two applications and all those skin areas are completely clear. Best of all, they are staying clear, even if I don’t wash for a few days. I work from home so I’m not washing as much as I used to.

I was afraid the Nizoral would be all nasty smelling and medicinal. Nope. If I didn’t know better I would just think it was high quality hotel shampoo. It’s not cheap. Over two dollars an ounce. But absolutely worth it. If only I had used it earlier in life. I think when the weather cools off I might try growing a beard again. If I use the Nizoral to shampoo the beard I might not have skin issues underneath it. I’ve got a strong feeling it’s going to work.


I’ll have to check this out as I deal with similar issues (even getting dandruff from my eyebrows as well!).