GeekNights Thursday - Scams

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider scams. In the news, the first malaria vaccine slashes early childhood mortality, Hookworms used to ravage the southern United States, the statue of the traitor was melted into slag, and Travis Dermott singlehandedly forced the NHL to change a terrible policy.

— Things of the Day —

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In case anyone wants to watch my guy Giles’ lecture, mentioned in the show.


Did you re-record the closing credits and blurb?

I’m surprised that you don’t stop listening before the credits play.
I’m also surprised that the new one is so close to the original that you have to ask.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed the ending blurb was slightly different.

Also, scott expressing shock and surprise at people actually listening to the podcast that he’s been creating for the last 16ish years will always be hilarious to me.


We changed some of the credits and slightly tweaked the descriptions of the different days.

But I also had to re-create the music. It wasn’t just a clip: the original was an edit of different parts of a song together plus some other audio futzing to make it the right length and impact. I made the original in the earliest days of GeekNights and didn’t keep the original file.

If I was the designer of the previous website, I wouldn’t want my name attached to the new one either. :wink: