GeekNights Thursday - Hotels and Motels

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider hotels and motels. We kind of miss them. In the news, Pokémon Unite is a MOBA, the US Supreme Court made one good decision and one abhorrent decision, and if you wondered why Batman was trending recently, well, now you know. Also we'll be live at PAX East Online!

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As someone working in hospitality for almost 20 years, it was interesting to hear the guys talk candidly about hotels mostly from the consumer side. As opposed to the business and profitability side, which is closer to my department. I listen to a few different hotel business podcasts and it can be a very fascinating industry. The amount of related topics one can dive deeply into seems endless.

I personally really enjoy getting into the design and décor aspects of hotels. Seeing a property that has been designed and laid out well with meticulous attention to detail and beauty gets me hyped. I even visit certain hotels, at which I’m not even staying, just to scope the art and interior design of the public areas. Like a fucking nerd. The process of selecting textiles, wall coverings, and the colors and textures for various objects to fit a desired mood or aesthetic is, to me, incredibly fascinating. While it is not related to my professional duties in any way, my employers occasionally allow me to source and procure art for the company. It is rare, but fun to see something I(not a professional designer) picked out, nicely displayed in a hotel lobby somewhere.


I also really appreciate hotel art. I always take photos of the art in any hotel room I stay in. I just haven’t done it in a long time because even in the before times, we kept going to the same cons and staying in the same hotels with the same art in every room.

I also always think about the artists who make the hotel art. They clearly aren’t famous, but they have to be having quite a career of it to sell enough prints to fill all those rooms.

To answer Rym’s question, you have at least one listener in West Virginia.


As we said. Yes, we should make efficient usage of available shelter, but AirBNB is NOT the way.