GeekNights Thursday - Hanukkah

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider Hanukkah. We've previously talked about Christmas. You're lucky we did a show at all since the Rangers game is about to start. Send your show ideas to the GeekNights Forum. In the news, Rym bought a new devil carriage, Rym cried watching Ted Lasso, and Fusion Power has reached a critical milestone.

Things of the Day

Episode Links

The best free version of the Rugrat’s episode I could find.

Today was a new car day in my family too as my in-laws got their first electric car!

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Hey, Kona Electric! They’re pretty slick machines, that’s a good purchase for sure. I rented one not long ago, absolute delight to drive.

It’s a Hyundai Ioniq.

Ah, my mistake, they’re two very similar Hyundais, both being small SUVs. That roof-line fooled me. Wait, what’s the plural noun of Hyundai, is it a manga situation, or are we adding things? Either way, good car.

I wasn’t sure if Kona was another name for the same car, as different versions of the Ioniq 5 are also sold as the Kia EV6 and the Genesis GV60.

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We’re taking the new car out skiing imminently. I have to say, it is a nice feeling to not be wondering if the car will start when I get to the garage.

Also, I you want another good show on Apple TV+, Severance was great

I also really liked Foundation and Long Way Up

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Yup, Severance is the other worth paying for Apple TV show. I also really loved For All Mankind, though it only sometimes reached the level of Severance.

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I started watching Mythic Quest on Apple TV, with very very low expectations, thinking it would not be a good show, but it really surprised me at how well written, funny, and poignant it was. As someone who has played a bit of MMOs, that made the show even better.

What really surprised me, is that unlike other tech shows like Silicon Valley, the company and characters in Mythic Quest actually evolve and change over time, which I really liked.

Give Mythic Quest a shot!

@SkeleRym what happened to this episode outro? just ends with and now I leave you with… sniff

That might have been… intentional.