GeekNights Thursday - Halls of Fame

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the concept of Halls of Fame. In the news, the ravages of climate change have caused an ongoing crisis in Hawaii, and the fascists lost an election in Ohio,

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Were these the guys you saw in the park?


Haha. No it was a bunch of girls.

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What is in the GeekNights hall of fame?

  • Tale of Genji
  • Utena shows
  • The episode about [REDACTED]. You know which one.
  • The biking wing
  • ?

Jack Thompson
Dwarf Fortress
PAX Late Night

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What if we made a Hall of Infamy

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We would need to use the planet Jupiter to store the hall of infamy for planet Earth.

Suffice to say  

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I have had a serious brainstorm about this topic on my website, about the criteria of how one gets in and how to vet to ensure the correct people are there. While we can most likely agree that Khoo would be a show, it’s the behind-the-scenes gophers in their 60s that do all the cons in a particular area that need to be celebrated.