GeekNights Thursday - Food Box Subscriptions

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the food subscription box. Things like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron or Big Plumb or Purple Carrot. One of those is a made up name.

In the news, Rym ran afoul of a kerosene-adjacent mystery, Scott's gym is closed, Block Together is shutting down, removing a powerful anti-harassment tool that Twitter needed despite Twitter removing their OWN anti-harassment tools (even though they used to promote such tools).

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An industry lobbying group led by Mario.

This episode was a great reminder that I want to try one of these services out now that I am at home all the time and am looking to expand my cooking repertoire. My GF is full vegan so Purple Carrot or maybe Veestro seem to be the ones to go with. Anyone have an opinion and a referral code I should use when signing up?