GeekNights Thursday - Chili

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about our favorite braised dish: chili! Beans or no beans, chili is one of our favorite foods on this Earth. In the news, there's a Soviet era movie astronauts are required to watch, and Fark is in trouble and needs your help!

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What a coincidence! I just had chili for dinner, then I saw this thread.

Anyway, my aunt uses a recipe with kidney beans, ground beef, salsa, and barbecue sauce.

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I was blowing up the YouTube chat, where is the other streaming site?

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This was excellent.

I’ve never made a bad Kenji recipe. In fact, all Kenji content is top notch. It seems like he doesn’t write new articles any more, but his Food Lab series is great.

The time he reverse-engineered McDonald’s fries

The time he ordered everything on the In-n-Out menu, including the secret menu, and the double secret menu