GeekNights Thursday - Bootlegs and Counterfeits

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider bootlegs and counterfeits. Illegitimate goods. In the news, Texas Democrats are risking a lot trying to defend American democracy, Bowling Balls can't be recycled, a doctor faked vaccine records to sell fake medicine, and Amazon sells a lot of dangerous goods. We'll also be live at PAX Online East 2021!

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This web site has a little tiny game in it where you have to identify which Canon products are counterfeit vs. real. I think you’re supposed to select the counterfeit. I tried to spot the real ones, and only got a 20%. The battery grip was the hardest. I inspected it for quite a long time. You have to scroll down a bit to find the game.

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I took the test and got 90% in less than a minute total.

The giveaway every time was bad/blurry fonts or strange wording. The only one I got wrong was the battery grip.

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I only got one of the batteries wrong, myself. The one with the blue background.