GeekNights Thursday - Barbecue

Tonight on GeekNights, we salivate throughout the entire show as we talk about Barbecue, particularly US barbecue (which often actually just refers to grilling). In the news, you already missed the PAX West badges, a 99 million year old bird was found in some amber, the U.K. election may have shifted toward reasonable government, and travel sites are at war with hotel revenues.

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There are a lot of shitty things about The South but two good things I learned from The South is biscuits and barbecue. We Yankees who haven’t been transplanted don’t know. I sure as hell didn’t. I mean that’s any regional food, I remember having the conversation with classmates that boiled down to “What the fuck is a biscuit?” vs "What the fuck is a bagel?”


The midwest has correct biscuits as well. It’s something I missed deeply when I moved out east.

Alternate title: Rym and Scott explore amber bondage.


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I had to smile when you guys were wondering what voting machines we use in the UK.

The process begins when you walk up to a table and tell the nice old people your name and address. They then mark you off on their clipboard and hand you a voting slip with the possible candidates on it. You wander off to a booth (cardboard box), pencil an X in the box next to your candidate, fold your slip in half and post it in to a sealed plastic container.

After the voting closes, that shit basically gets dumped out on a table and counted by hand.

It is hardly high tech, but it’s harder for the Russians to tamper with. :wink:
It might be nice if they asked you for ID when you show up to vote though.

Yeah, eating the bbq was an absolute nostalgia trigger for me. FAK I MISS GOOD SOUTHERN BBQ!
(I can get good biscuits, no prob)

You see places occasionally pop up in the NE, but the places that win awards and (therefore) stay in business are bland, fatty (in the wrong way), and unchallenging.

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I knew there was something to comment on but I’d forgotten about it by the end of my commute. There was a video up a few years ago that talked about the troubles of voting machines.

I had to change dinner plans last night to BBQ after listening to this. Living in a foodie town in NC means dozens of options. Since NC also has a huge amount of pig farming we’re extra aware of how terrible most of it is and use meat sourcing as a pretty big factor in deciding where to go.

People do get really weird about BBQ style around here. Vinegar is king, but we’re close to the edge of tomato based country. The place I went last night is a hybrid, which was super good.


TOMATO TOMATO TOMATO. Yes this is a complete sentence damn it.

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Does anyone have good BBQ sauce recipes to share? I’m looking for something that isn’t super sweet.

Just find a BBQ place you really like and buy their sauce.They all love to sell their sauce.

I like cooking things?

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Pro BBQ peoples usually keep their sauces secret. I suggest starting with an internet sauce recipe, and then modifying it over time until it is the bestest. Hard to tell which ones are sweet based on the recipes, though. Even the ones I found that claim to be spicy or vinegary are loaded with brown sugar, fruit juice, honey, etc.

I know, that’s why I’m asking if anyone here has a recipe they like. I know @Andy likes to cook things from scratch.

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Pro BBQ people are kinda funny about what they will and will not share to the public. I found the recipe to your 17th Street Beans on several websites and any of the pit-masters who wrote cookbooks like Myron Mixon will explain complex techniques to smoke chicken thighs or beef ribs. Yet they never mention their BBQ Sauce or Secret Rub.

To make a good BBQ sauce just really combine your favorite condiments, spices, sweetners, maybe vinegar and reduce them enough until they have a proper profile. Even for tomato based BBQ sauce people go “Don’t cook tomatoes, just use ketchup.”

You can find pretty much any sauce recipe you need at AmazingRibs (the go-to place for BBQ cooking)


Now if only I had a smoker… Squints eyes in the direction of Upstate NY