GeekNights Thursday - Back with a New Web Site

Tonight on GeekNights we are back with a new web site! In the news, there is tragic war in Israel and Palestine, the House is paralyzed by Republican incompetence, Twitter has destroyed itself in a way that requires us to invoke the "Jack Thompson Rule," and Apple makes a minor change to podcast downloads.

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Things of the Day

So not only does the RSS feed no include, Things of the Day links, but also the forum no longer shows them either? This is going in the opposite direction in terms of usability! I want Things of the Day to be in both places, not in neither!

Chapter breaks are cool though.

The forum post was done by hand. I’m going to automate it today probably.

The chapter breaks actually work??? Are they in the right spot?

Can confirm that chapters work in my pocket cast. However, I can not confirm the audio since I am at work at the moment.

We can also put different images and different URLs on the chapters. We haven’t tried to use that yet. A sufficiently fancy podcast player would change the album artwork and also provide a way to click on the link relevant to the chapter.

So can we have the most recent things of the day links by hand too?

Related links are now included in the RSS feeds. It was surprisingly more work than I expected because I had to avoid doing n*n database queries to render the feed.

Lol, this is Rym’s rss feed:

Where are you seeing that?

Oh, that’s Rym’s problem. Nothing to do with me or the GeekNights web site.

It’s looking great (to me) in podcast apps that are properly reading the RSS feed.

Spotify is very annoying. It doesn’t work based on RSS. Libsyn posts to Spotify, and is very limited and weak in the kind of metadata it can extract from the ID3.

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Microblog barfed on that. I had it pointed at the GeekNights RSS and it appears to have had a problem with it =P

Chapters and related links working in Overcast.

Did you end up doing the different-arts-per-chapter thing? I don’t see anything for that if you did.

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No. It’s a feature the website supports, but we haven’t used it yet.

The killer feature and reason I use overcast is smart speed. Same as the “make us sound smarter” filter of yore, it trims silences.

Another feature I use less but is nice, you can upload an mp3 or give it the url of an audio file, and it’ll appear in your client.

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