GeekNights Thursday - Airplane and Airport Food

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the food that is served on airplanes and in airports. You're trapped there, and they know it. In the news, Donald Trump is arrested again, and the Boomers are dying out but somehow Henry Kissinger is still alive.

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I had a business class ticket for my last work flight and it was very pleasant. No queuing to drop off my bag, no line at security, free meal and drinks in the lounge, first boarding, and another meal on the plane. I’d totally pay an extra fee for this kind of service, but the price seemed to be about €800 for the flight rather than the typical €300. That’s 500 extra for skipping the lines and two meals. And a bit more legroom.

Not worth it if I’m paying myself!

However, if I’m doing an overnight or trans Atlantic flight, and if there’s an upgrade to premium economy for about $100 I take it every time, just for the guaranteed legroom!

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I really find that premium economy upgrade to be the sweet spot for longer flights. It’s been my go-to for many many years.

The trip to Japan we canceled because of the COVID pandemic… I had gotten really lucky and we had lie-flat business class flights to Tokyo with a one day layover in Beijing (with a transit/tourist one-day visa to actually go poke around). They cost about what premium economy cost on any other airlines and it was a crazy good deal.


You were kinda right about the first microwave.