GeekNights Monday - Windows Subsystem for Linux

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the Windows Subsystem for Linux, now that WSL 2 is coming. Is this the final nail in the coffin of desktop Linux? Will OSX developers start migrating back to Windows? Is WINE finally dead? Time will tell. In the news, SCOTUS is allowing consumers to sue Apple on antitrust grounds, Amazon is trying to trick employees into quitting to become subcontractors, and if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

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Oh lord these people are exactly as crazy as I expected

I love pilot wave theory but last year there was a study done that seems to have really “doomed” it from being reality.

I was pretty crestfallen when I read the article, there’s some light for some weird variations of pilot wave, but nothing that’s as simple and direct as de Broglie’s original idea.

Damn it.

Best quote from that article:

“De Broglie insisted that everything at the quantum scale was perfectly normal and above-board.”

Given his family history, he added, “maybe I also felt some obligation. I felt I should really try to see if it was true or not.”


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Why all this attachment to pilot waves, y’all?

it provides a human scale, human intuitive/understandable explanation of QM that doesn’t go into copenhagen or manyworlds insanity.

We’ve known the “hidden position” explanation is wrong for a long time. Bell’s inequality rules it out.

Quantum mechanics is some of the best experimentally backed science we have.

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@SkeleRym, electrons are not made of quarks. Scott was right.

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Whoah. :open_mouth:

I used to be a total MacHead back in the day, so I can tell you exactly how that key combo worked, if it’s the same thing I’m thinking of:

You would buy a DOS compatability card that was literally just an x86 computer on a PCI-style board, and the key combo would basically switch between the two.

No way. It was just a KVM inside the case? Not that I don’t believe you, but I’m going to research this anyway, if only to see what that looks like. Thanks for reminding me.

It more-or-less piggybacked on all the Mac’s hardware short of the processor. It did some fancy bullshit so it could take over from NuBus or PCI.

It’s a weird part of MacOS history, like the clones, that was largely relegated to back-of-MacWorld-and-MacAddict advertisements.

OMG it had its own Sound Blaster 16 on it.

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My Windows just updated, but the build still isn’t new enough for WSL2.

Presumably the update for Windows 10 to version 2004 that comes with WSL2 will be live on May 12th. That’s assuming you are on the normal stable build track and not in one of those programs where you get early builds. Also assumes your company isn’t holding back your windows version on your work computer like mine is. I’m going to try to talk to IT and see if I can get an update.

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RIP 3rd party Windows X servers?

If it can run ion3 full screen on a second monitor, I’m obviously uninstalling VcXsrv