GeekNights Monday - Vacuum Cleaners

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the humble vacuum cleaner.You definitely don't want to be in a situation where a shop vac would be the solution to your problem and you do not have a shop vac. Also these are "not a scam." In the news, necrobotic spiders are a thing, Amazon continues to rush toward being a full-on dystopian megacorb, and Netflix has 90 seconds to get your attention.

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The audio tracks in the main bit of this episode are misaligned. You are artificially talking over each other and I don’t car enough about vacuum cleaners to listen to it this way.


I double checked and they are 100% aligned. The audio in the show is exactly what we recorded to within 50ms.

That must be how we talked in this episode.

I checked the uploaded final file and the original sequence (since I keep the original raw track-separated sequences for a year).

Green is my raw audio direct from the microphone.

Orange is Scott’s locally recorded raw audio from his microphone (sent to me after the show).

Gray is Scott’s audio as I hear it while we’re recording, synched with mine.

Is there a difference in the audio if you listen to the YouTube version? That one sounded just fine to me.