GeekNights Monday - Upgrading Your Tech

Tonight on GeekNights, we discuss when, how, and if you should upgrade your technology. From phones to cameras to TVs to skis, it comes mostly down to what problem you're trying to solve. In the news, Web Environment Integrity is a potentially worrying but not yet apocalyptic threat to the World Wide Web, the BBC has launched its own journalism Mastodon, and the US has a new nuclear reactor.

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In Rym’s Thing of the Day, he mentions different fandoms with similar culture. It got me to wondering, back in the 80s, since pro wrestling was still territorial in nature, fans would trade tapes with each other to watch their favorite wrestlers and such. Did anime have a tape trading culture as well?

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Tape trading was possibly the biggest part of anime fandom culture in America until ~2002. I acquired many in middle and high school. Literally mailing and copying them.


Haha there was one cool Florida Man, solely responsible for proliferating anime fandom throughout America in the 90s.

I know it was more people than that logically, but my headcanon is that it’s just one guy, furiously chain smoking and overly caffeinating himself, with a house full of dupe banks running 24/7. Like at this point, it’s not even about the money anymore, and he’s some horrific Junji Ito character that is compelled to do this until he gradually fades into static and disappears once the internet becomes more readily available.

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