GeekNights Monday - Throttling and Rate Limiting

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the surprising challenges of throttling and rate limiting. In the news, Twitter rate-limiting reading twitter and broke Tweetdeck while also blocking non-logged-in views , Norway has 100 years of phosphate rock deposits, and the US Supreme Court is wholly illegitimate.

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If there’s one country with their shit together about natural resource windfalls, it’s probably Norway.

Games alive because of ~one dude. Call it “Endangered Games”.

Not too shabby.

To go full YouTube-face title, could go something like “Critically Endangered: nearly extinct games”

But I’m a fan of minimalist talk titles. Winning. Losing.

Just “Losing” filled one of the larger theaters at the second PAX Australia.

I was honestly surprised. In the unrecorded preshow when I was just chatting with the crowd, I asked them what they expected. Lots of fun answers. But one that stuck with me a little was roughly that it was such a “crystalline distilled” topic. “Straight to the bottom.”

We’re definitely both interested in the Ur-topics

480 seats plus a few stragglers we stuck in the back along the wall, as I recall. And we were turning people away. Though we have been getting our theater sizes cut of late, which is unfortunate, I honestly feel that we could support not just more seats, but more theaters and more panel content. Then again, shows are still finding their feet again, maybe things will improve with time.

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