GeekNights Monday - The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the ever-present Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Originating in the era of the World Wide Web as envisioned by Ted Nelson and Tim Berners-Lee, it is surprisingly simple. In the news, Slingbox is discontinued, and there is a better way to multiply.

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I have two issues with My Job is to Open and Close Doors. The first is a minor issue, and the second is a major issue.

Watch the video first, because it’s really good, and beyond lay spoilers:

  1. Decimal places are read as individual numbers. It’s “One point two five” not “one point twenty five”. The only time you might say “twenty five” in that context is “One second and twenty five hundredths.”

  2. I think the animation does a disservice to what I believed was a main thrust of the story. The person has no helmet on, and is wanting to open the door. I think the author wants ambiguity in the person’s motivation. Is the missing helmet a mistake? Or is the person suicidal, and wants to kill themself? I’d like to think the suicide option is a valid reading. However, the animation shows someone who is mildly bored, not someone who is agitated or grieved or other strong motivation. I think slightly stronger direction could have kept this ambiguity in place.

Anyone else pick up on that other meaning? Or just me?

  1. The decimals, absolutely.
  2. I thought it was suicide until the very end. I guess I chalked that up to the minimal animation without thinking about it. But you’re right, he does look very bored.