GeekNights Monday - Technology Terror

Tonight on spooky GeekNights, we celebrate our inaugural month back in 2005 with a month of themed episodes! Thus, scary stories of technology (whatever that means). In the news, Scott had some apples at an apple fest, helpdesk hacking, and a geekbite of the iWatch 3.

Rym made a returning appearance on Friday Night Party Line! We'll be at PAX Unplugged, but if anime is more your thing you should definitely be at Anime NYC!

We released both our PAX West 2017 panel - The Rage of the Quitter - and our first new episode of Judge Anime By Its Cover on youtube! Notice it's two channels: Rym and Scott.

Things of the Day

Episode Links

I’ll be shocked if anyone knows what the stinger is from.

I have no clue but I want to know so I can listen to it easily.

Also, here’s the stream version of the FNPL episode you see on screen during the episode stream:

Moment that is referenced in the title is about 32 minutes in.

@SkeleRym if you install the Android Wear app on your phone it gives the Pebble the ability to do replies to most notifications for reasons I don’t feel like typing out right now.

Thanks for the apple picking reminder, I was going to forget again.