GeekNights Monday - Tech News Roundup: Spring 2018

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you a tech news roundup for spring 2018! Coin miners are still preventing you from buying a GPU, unauthorized clients were pirating Spotify premium features, multiple LTE vulnerabilities have been announced, Youtube enables live captions, some interesting things are happening with Twitch subscriptions, Twitter's (completely justified) bot purge outraged the far right, Rhode Island wants to charge state citizens for free speech, some ridiculous drama occurred around TLS certificate security, desktop sales continue to fall, and Flash is rapidly coming to an end.

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Given the large number of strip clubs and adult video/novelty shops that Rhode Island has per capita, I suspect the real motivation behind that “$20 to access online porn” law is to subsidize the losses of local adult businesses to online porn shops. The two sponsors are in towns that have pretty large numbers of said businesses.

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I like when Rym says tech news rewwwndup!


So do I.

/Fifteen characters of liking it when I say those words.

PICO 8 is fantastic. It is on my shit talk list of things I want to do one day.

Interesting bit of trivia is that the recent indie hit Celeste started as a PICO 8 game, and you can discover that full game within the new release. I played through the full PICO 8 version and it was good stuff.

@apreche why pay for YouTube Red just to disable ads? AdBlock Plus does it for free. Are there other useful features?

First of all, AdBlock Plus is no good. It’s all about uBlock Origin.

Also, AdBlock is all well and good in a browser. It’s not well and good in the official YouTube app on your iOS device.

Lastly, when you block ads I’m pretty sure you are denying money to the person who made the videos on YouTube you are watching. If you have YouTube Red, the people who make the videos you watch are relatively well compensated without any ads involved.

And now there’s another reason. Amazon cloud music is gone. I made a great move switching to Google Play awhile back!

I very much enjoy Tech News Roundup and would be happy with one per month.

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I tried uBlock for a while and while I can’t remember what it was specifically, it didn’t play nice somehow with Firefox so I went back to AdBlock Plus. Maybe it’s time to give it another go. I can totally understand the mobile browser and monetization points though.

Sorry for double post but Adobe makes a standalone flash player that will play any flash game in a window. I don’t think we’ll need to worry about not being able to play the games in the future. There are huge archives available on torrent and filesharing sites.

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Fifteen characters of yay!

I don’t think I’d independently subscribe to Google Music or Youtube Red independently, but having both of them lumped together at a reasonable price pushed me other the edge a while back.

Is this the spider game that Scott was talking about?

No. It’s this one.