GeekNights Monday - Social Media

Speaking as a public health microbiologist, Nate Silver is way out of his depth on epidemiology and consistently pushes a factually incorrect message that reflects an absolute ignorance of science and public health in particular. And, like all Silicon Valley tech-bros of his ilk, he refuses to accept correction because he is convinced of his intellectual superiority.


Mm. Well. Guess I’ll continue only 538ing for election forecasts.

I didn’t delete my Instagram account, but I did basically stop using it entirely as of recently. There’s only so much you can do to block ads on there when using a mobile app.

Just recently they finally added the ability to post content to Instagram using the web version, even from a desktop computer. I went to check it out and discovered you can make a new post, but not to the story. It’s just to the main feed.

I also realized hey, the web version of Instagram doesn’t have any ads. I don’t know if it actually has no ads, or my adblock just blocks them all. Either way, it’s really great. It feels like the original Instagram. Just content from people I explicitly follow. If everyone exclusively used the desktop version of Instagram, it might be the best actually?