GeekNights Monday - Relational Databases and SQL

Tonight on GeekNights, having already expressed our disdain for NoSQL, we consider the humble (and foundational) relational database. SQL, ACID, and all the fun stuff in between. In the news, we're playing PUBG (badly), Adobe is using machine learning to spot photoshops, facial recognition software is not ready safe for use by law enforcement, and your 1440p monitor might be a 4k panel (and that's not a good thing).

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I’m still running the same cheap tn panel 1650x1280’s that I maintained by replacing the caps on the power board inside. Though I’m really close to replacing them… after a gpu upgrade…

My favourite fake photo from the last few years:

A conference in 2 days: HYTRADBOI, or “Have You Tried Rubbing A Database On It”:

Roleplay: board games as interfaces to probabilistic databases

by Sergiy Protsiv