GeekNights Monday - Cable Management

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider cable management. From inside your computer to... outside your computer. Rack & stack to mounting a TV, cable management is more important than you might realize. In the news, maybe we can end the terror of Daylight Saving Time, Twitter banned Memphis, there's malware in your browser extensions, and Apple pulls the plug on the HomePod. Also LG is putting ads directly into your television.

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I have a different area for data cables and wires, but this is what I came up with for power:


My cable management has been evolving as I try to fi d ways to move things about, did have an idea moment but that will require more furniture.

Also what is up with that thumbnail.

When possible, try to attach your cable management stuff to the furniture, not the wall. That way, when you pull the desk out to get a paper that fell behind it, you can unplug the power strip and everything else moves out in the same relative position.

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I don’t know why, but this makes me anxious.

There’s nothing weird going on. It’s just four power strips cable-tied onto a board, which is then hung from the back of the desk. As they said on the podcast, the most important goal is to keep all the power cables and bricks off the floor. All the cables loop up the back of the desk. There’s not a lot of power draw, as a lot of these are for devices like external hard drives, only one or two of which are plugged in at any one time.

When I made it, I thought “there’s no way I’ll need this many plugs” but of course, within a few months, there are only a few plugs remaining. It’s impressive how quickly anything expands into the space it is given, including stuff to go on an office desk where two people work all day.

Heh, in traffic engineering it’s called induced demand. I never until this moment considered how this concept may apply more broadly.

Bandwidth springs to mind immediately

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It’s definitely more all the wires going every which way!
I’m not saying it’s bad, just that I’d personally be binding some off those together if I could!

All the original cables are bound together. As I added more, they just drape down from the back of the desk, and it’s easier to move them into different positions. As long as all the cables stay up off the floor, and out from under my feet, I don’t mind where they are or what they look like.

As a CTS certified tech, use Velcro for any cables that carry any kind of signal, and only use zip ties on power cables.

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Well, you won’t be buying LG phones any more.

I mounted some cages on the bottom of my desk to elevate and route all the cables.

I also attached a speedway to the wall to hide the speaker wire that was previously an eyesore.