GeekNights Monday - Buying the Right Tech

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider how one should choose the right technology. Need a new NAS? Trying to decide which video card to buy? Do you really need a 4k monitor? My NAS Research and this episode can help guide you through the process. In the news, Pokemon Go killed some people, a crazy spreadsheet ostensibly models New York transit, and we'll be live at both MAGFest and PAX South 2018!

Things of the Day

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Scott: “I won’t buy anything unless I specifically and immediately need to buy it, regardless of price.”

Also Scott: “I just bought the Count of Monte Cristo even though I have no intention of reading it because it was mad cheap.”


$0.57 is basically free. I mean, come on!

It’s half a bagel!


I was mad at something Scott said while I was driving into work, but I’ve forgotten.

  • Me, the morning after every new episode of GeekNights is released.

If you want good black friday deals you really should follow a community rather than just look at ads directly. They’ll tell you what is actually a discount and not a fake, which promotions you can combine for a better deal, and where you can price match to avoid lines or shipping.

Much like clipping coupons, that only makes sense if you are low on money. I’d rather pay an extra $20 than go through all the hassle.

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You went to a castle.

To look at the tapestries.

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They did it again, this time with a meat expert.

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I watched that, and it’s really good. I was going to post it here but forgot.