GeekNights Monday - Algorithmic Content Curation

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the problem of algorithmic content creation. It is increasingly leading people to extremist right wing corners of the Internet, for a variety of reasons. In the news, Twitch might have become unwatchable, the 737 MAX situation is a tragic disaster, reminding us of good old Therac-25, and Scott hates cars.

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I think “does the ends justify the means?” is only half the question, the other half being “was the end result justice?”

So really in ethics, there should be two questions. Were the means acceptable? Was end result acceptable?

If either one question answers no, then something is wrong.

Was the game fun to play? Yes. Was a real life baby murdered in the creation or playing of this game? No.

Probably a decent game then.

Did your eyes bleed reading my logic table? Yes. Was it deliberate? Yes.

Solution, redraw with competence.