GeekNights Live Streams

We’ll be live tonight with a show about the spider man.

Good use of the meme

Anyone have any experience using Nvidia Broadcast?

No, but trust me. Just use OBS. If something comes along that’s actually better, everyone will know about it.

I’m not so sure about that - Never underestimate the combined power of inertia and post-hoc rationalization. They’ll know it exists, sure, but if they actually ever admit it’s better is a much more open question.

Of course, that said, Nvidia Broadcast is still pretty early days, and has some compelling features, but right now, OBS is still king.
If you want something light, simple, trivial to set up, that will pretty much just work right out the box, and you have an Nvidia card, Broadcast isn’t a BAD solution. But it definitely doesn’t have the fine grain control or versatility of OBS, nor the easy availability of assistance.

Gonna start posting our upcoming live streams here again. I forgot this thread existed :wink:

I only regret that I have not the patience to wait until April 1. For all your GeekNights full-text searching needs.

It doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Auto-speech-to-text still leaves a bit to be desired.

It is another check against Rym deleting shows, though.

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