GeekNights Book Club - Politics Club: The Coming Third Reich

I know you said you’re going to mispronounce German words, but it has annoyed me forever that you’re saying Weimar wrong. It’s a German “W” so sounds like a “V”. Just say it “Veimar” and you’re good.

It’s one of those mistakes that makes me think your opinions on the matter can be discarded without consideration, purely because you’re not getting even the name of the topic right. Thankfully I know you better.

I’ve had problems IRL with that. If I say “Veimar” people literally don’t know what I’m talking about. This has literally happened to me multiple times since the electiion…

See also: pronouncing “celtic” or “coyote” or even “karaoke” correctly. I end up mispronouncing a lot of foreign words on purpose when I’m speaking to other Americans just to avoid having to clarify.

I get the problem, but in this case, where you’re discussing an academic book on the subject you should go with the correct pronunciation. You shouldn’t be lowering yourself to the dumbness level of the ignorant audience, but raising their intelligence level towards your own.