Furry Fun Fzone!


I’m sure there are many educational resources on the Internet if you want to make it yourself instead of paying.


You might get some ideas from this site popular with people who are just getting into making suits: http://www.matrices.net/tutorials.htm


It’s a very varied craft and the matrices site is like fursuit construction 101. Even she admits she doesn’t really use the techniques showed on her site anymore. So where’s the most up to date techniques? What do I need to do to ensure a high quality product? If you want to learn to code you can go into incredible depth on niche areas. If I wanna know how to make handpaws beyond simple 2 piece gloves, I have to trawl through shitty youtube videos and livejournal posts with photos hosted on imagebucket that have since expired.

I’m trying to find people who’ll talk to me, look at WIPs, reverse engineer stuff, or just plain figure it out by myself. As I’m designing it, I keep coming up with questions like should there be a seam there or should I move it to the side of the body? How visible will the front zipper be? Can I get away with raglan sleeves? And my proportions are all fucked because I’m a giant yet not fat so most premade patterns don’t fit me right. I’m going to probably go through 3-4 iterations to get it right, and that’s sans hands/feet/head.Thank god for cheap muslin.