Fuck the Police

“Cops are leaving. Morale’s bad. They see non-white cops stacked against them. Absolutely no respect for this new commissioner. If the DA won’t write out a charge and no claim’s forthcoming, an officer could be liable for a civil suit. Inspection divisions claim cops stand on post but do nothing.

“Complaints are skyrocketing. More violations now than before. The quality of life has downgraded. Checking all directions exiting a car you can still get hit. Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters without licenses everywhere. There’s greater need for self-preservation. Criminals jump from cars to commit robbery.

“Adams wants to be president so he panders to progressives. But the policing manpower is low. You can’t hire people if funding’s a difficulty. Besides the uptick in crime a difficulty is in recruitment.”

Non-snarky question: if significant numbers of NYPD cops leave, what are they qualified to do next? Private security? Move out of the area to another police force, but how far are they willing to move? It’s a genuine question, because especially for a force the size of the NYPD (36,000 officers & 19,000 civilians according to their website) even a 5% exodus would be significant numbers to all find replacement jobs. So, are they just posturing to get more funding and less oversight? I’m sure they are, but what independent measures exist to validate how many are leaving?

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The one less bad cop. What you expected to happen is what happened.

Bianchi had been instructed to let card carriers off without a ticket

Hope he got stuff in writing.

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Are the cops corrupt when it comes to parking enforcement and placard abuse? Yes.

Now we have an official report on it. No surprises. They’re just as corrupt as you already know they are.

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On GeekNights tonight I talked a bit about something relevant. The first step to solving a very large problem is to get a majority of people, however sleight, to at least agree that there is a problem at all.

That’s the literal tiniest possible step you can ever make toward solving any problem. Convince someone else that it’s a problem who didn’t already believe that.

Everyone be a cop, problem solved. lmao