Fuck the Police


Not surprising findings, but interesting to see the data analyzed and backing up the totally expected reality that after a Trump political rally cops in that area (especially cops with pre-existing bias against black drivers and cops in the South) end up pulling-over black drivers at a higher rate immediately afterwards and for 60 days afterwards.

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Fired, then hired, then fired again.

An interesting rare non-U.S. case:

Saw a similar article about Chinese police stations in Canada a few weeks ago.

These are the kinds of people that we allow to be police. You would think that in a functioning just society that if even just one visit from CPS found these concerning conditions that something would have been done about it. That something would presumably include identifying that one of the abusive parents was a police officer and relieving them from their weapons and duties. Instead there were two dozen calls over a period of three years that resulted in no action taken until the horrifying end result.

Read this if you want to be angry at injustice.

I’m most of the way through Philly D.A. It’s simultaneously captivating and maddening. Krasner dishing out bad medicine is sure fun to watch. I think any Americans around here would appreciate watching this guy.

All the non-Krasnerians though. Every reporter who interviews him is really falling down on the job. Multiple judges. The cop who was all “yeah I don’t believe in numbers”… I mean, what?


I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but Krasner was just impeached by the PA Legislature, which is predominantly Republican controlled.


State legislature trying to evict a local official! Imagine the river they’d cry if the US house voted to impeach some Republican sheriff.

Feels like every person needs a body cam in the USA, that have a hope of justice, because how can you be caught in 4K and no consequences? :sweat_smile:

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Ya beat me to this one.

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Boy, police all around the world doing their best to remind people that ACAB

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