Fuck the Police

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Now Zayon, who's supposed to start third grade Tuesday, doesn't want to set foot in another classroom, his father said.

"I went and talked to my son and I told him, 'They're gonna have more cops. They're gonna have higher fencing. And he wasn't having it," said Zayon's father, Adam Martinez.

“He said, ‘It doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna protect us.’”

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It doesn’t help that there was another shooting just after school started again. Not at a school, but in the same town.

Police budgets are getting out of control also. In 2022 the expected budget is over 1 billion after cutting education and services budgets across the state of Ohio.

Yep just throw more money at the cops. that will solve everything.

$660 million will go directly toward public safety efforts (Police)
A rise of 300 million since 2020

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This video got her a “suspension,” except not really.

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Power hungry pigs.

“Cops put woman in police car parked on tracks, CO officials say. Then a train came”


Not surprising findings, but interesting to see the data analyzed and backing up the totally expected reality that after a Trump political rally cops in that area (especially cops with pre-existing bias against black drivers and cops in the South) end up pulling-over black drivers at a higher rate immediately afterwards and for 60 days afterwards.