Frontrowcrew Discord?

Do we already have a discord for frontrowcrew forums? As people set up online play for games and other topics, I’d say it may be useful.

Yeah, I set one up a while ago. So I guess it’s technically unofficial. Here’s the link

We’ve considered making an official one, but it’s got just a few too many problems.

Were there any major issues that was causing it to be a showstopper ?

It does what it does passably enough. What problems specifically are you referring to? Not trying to start a fight. Just curious

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I can tell you for a goddamned fact that their audio connectivity is fucking garbage. I’ve never been on a discord server that wasn’t dropping audio, having people hearing some people but not others, etc, etc.

Like, it was bad enough that I made the very unusual move of setting a hard line in the sand that we won’t use it for FNPL stuff again in the future. At least, until they make some DRASTIC fucking improvements.

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. Discord definitely has the Salesforce problem, it’s the best one but that doesn’t mean it’s not a piece of shit.

I agree with you that when allowing people to connect to their regional servers audio is pretty awful. That being said, Moving the discord server away from the default US East and by moving them to US West, we’ve had a better audio experience. But YMMV.

I went ahead and did that. We’ll see if it helps anything.

Yeah, it was pretty unreliable during the election stuff we did.