FRCF Secret Santa 2017 - Deadline: October 31st

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Fucking Awesome Festivus! Hit the link at the bottom of this post to enter into the FRCF Secret Santa.
Please do not spend a lot of money on your Santee, or expect to get something expensive in return.

There is no parity. I would recommend not spending more than $10 or $15 (USD) on your santee.
Think of cool things you could make, as well. You don’t have to spend a dime to do this; you might have something cool lying around the house, or you could make something. And don’t forget, Gift Cards, Gifting over Steam, and other forms of non-physical gifts are possible too! Due to the popularity of Overwatch, you might want to consider Battlenet gift cards so people can get loot crates.

The sign up period will end on the 31st of October There will be NO Extension.

Don’t sign up if you’re afraid of at least two strangers on the internet (myself, and your santa) knowing your address.

Sign Up Here


Bumpity bump bump

Tick Tock, folks! We’ve got seven participants so far!

Thanks for putting this together again this year, @VictorFrost. :slight_smile:

People enjoy it and it’s fun to do!

Alright, folks! You’ll get your assignments soon!

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When should we expect assignments?

Feck. Soon. Very Soon.

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Assignments have gone out! There weren’t many people in it this year, so I did them manually: some by twitter, some by facebook, and some via the FRCF messaging system. Have fun, all!

I received my gift (Rhino Hero Super Battle), but my Santa did not identify themselves. I also sent out my gift.

My gift should have been received by now (according to the internet) but mine did arrive and goes very well with my copy of Kingdomino.

I received my gift. It is a Totoro wall decal for my Studio Ghibli themed nursery! Thank you, Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry!