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I’d like to think that most of us who hang on this forum consider the rest of us as being reasonably intelligent and competent in our respective areas of expertise. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have some sort of forum job board here for when we hear about job openings at our current places of work, etc.?


My company is going to look for a technical writer, if you live in DE/PA/VA area I can pass it along.

My work has literally thousands of openings all the time, so if you live in/want to relocate to Seattle, I’m sure I can find an opening for something you have skills for. You will also have to be willing to work for a gigantic company that lots of people have issues with, but that just comes with the territory.

My company in the Boston area is looking for a UI engineer. It’s a smallish company. Anyway, here are the requirements:

• This is a hands-on role in which you will be expected to be able to both lead and participate in system-wide projects using the best tools for the project.
• Help define future UI direction.
• Design and implement features, including work on storyboards, wireframes, and use cases, using input from marketing, engineering, and support. Understand how customers interact with our product and how the product responds. This means you will need to develop in depth cross-domain understanding of the product.
• Based on roadmap and corporate needs, drive projects to roll out new features on a regular schedule.
EXPERIENCE: 5 years in similar roles with increasing responsibility, using tools like:
• reactjs and other react-based components like react-redux, redux-thunk, react-bootstrap to write UIs that interact with a RESTful interface.
• JavaScript, jQuery
• RESTful APIs.
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree of some sort is nice, but relevant experience and demonstrated ability is far more important.

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If any of you are in tech and have a bit of management experience, my company (Asana) is somewhat desperately looking to hire competent Engineering Managers. Expectation is moderate coding skills and good team-management skills.

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But if you want to apply, be sure to go through me so I can get that sweet sweet lead bonus :wink:

So, my group at Bloomberg is looking to hire a Product Manager. You’d be working alongside me.

We’re hiring entry-level support engineers here in Boston, as well as in our London and Syndey offices.

Lots of jobs here at the place I’m working now.

That seems like something I’d be interested in but I don’t want to work in NYC, and I doubt they’re coming to Seattle. Also only seems like DevOps roles are listed for now.

Also @linkigi I thought you worked at Google? :thinking:

DevOps in New York is so hot and so under-staffed across the board it’s ridiculous. Everyone needs DevOps.

My company in the Boston area is still looking for experience C/C++/Linux developers. For my team, there isn’t a formal req for it as far as I know of, but it’s basically “if you know C/C++ and Linux, with maybe some Python on the side, you’re good.” For another team, here’s the info. There’s a lot of overlap between the two positions, so this could be a good idea of what my team is also looking for:

TITLE: Principal/Consulting Engineer, Platform Group
Analysis of requirements received from marketing, prototyping, project design, implementation, project lead or team member as needed, support the test effort. Contribute to and/or lead efforts to improve product architecture as needed. Ability to successfully lead large, cross-team projects with minimal direction.

5 years in similar roles with increasing responsibility.
• Deep Linux kernel knowledge, file systems experience preferred (especially xfs).
• Distributed systems performance analysis, including deep understanding of how components running on Linux affect system resources.
• Secure distributed systems data storage and messaging
• C/C++/Python
• Experience developing high quality RPM or DEB packages (e.g. following Fedora or Debian project best practices)
We would really like the following skills too, but they’re not blockers.
• Modern virtualization tools (e.g. docker, etc)
• Modern automation tools (e.g. Jenkins, Ansible, etc)
• Cloud storage
• Java
EDUCATION: Relevant experience and demonstrated ability is far more important.

I’m also looking for this. I’ll pay better, and you get to live in New York :wink:


Let’s be real, I’m never leaving my current product management job for the government (I’m in too deep), but I always get that itch of curiosity, and I just gotta know: What’s the salary range here?

In NYC a tech job is going to give you six figures, the first of which is probably 1. If you work at a finance or fancy place like Bloomberg, the first digit is probably 2.

And living in New York is a good thing how? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, in Boston, a tech job with this level of experience probably also will net you six figures, the first of which is probably 1, and the cost of living is less than NYC, so it could be a wash there. :stuck_out_tongue:

How much does your car cost you?

How much does your rent cost you? I bet my mortgage plus car costs (gas, insurance, and maintenance since it’s all paid off) still comes out to be less than your rent.

Honestly, all serious tech jobs in New York are six figures. The term “six figures” just means “the default minimum” in New York tech. Thanks inflation.

Even at my old jobs in a distant past, below six figures was solely reserved for entry-level positions.

I’d say 150-250k is what I’m talking about. 300 is not uncommon.

My rent pays for more than just my apartment. What value do you put on being able to bike to any number of parks whenever I want? What value do you put on being able to digitally order almost any kind of food and have it delivered at almost any hour of the day? What value do you put on the time I save by living here? What value can you put on watching world class fireworks from the roof? What value do you put on never having to be upset that a limited run movie isn’t screening near me?

I could go on and on. People fly from the other side of the world to see and experience things that are merely part of daily life here. All that stuff they pay for I get for “free”, but it’s not free. I’m paying for it in my rent and NYC taxes, and it’s a ridiculous bargain.

What good is a house and a yard in the face of that? Bunch of useless grass. Sure, your mortgage is less money, but the value per dollar aint shit.

I bet you even have to get in a car just to get groceries. I don’t even have to cross the street. This kind of convenience is worth at least twice my rent.

Also, thanks to stabilization, I’m paying at least $500 less per month than other tenants in my building.

To be fair, that grocery store ain’t great.

Meanwhile, I don’t even have to leave my apartment to get groceries :wink: