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what is there to say about this?
[/quote]I like the Martini livery, if nothing else.


I actually don’t mind this one all that much. I think I would rank it above the McLaren personally. I think the better colour choice for the McLaren would have been orange and white with touches of black or orange and silver with less black.
Renault’s paint job is still my personal favourite though.


So once the last three cars are out today, lets rank them all. I might do three or four rankings, like “best paint job”, “best shape”, “fastest looking” and “best overall”.


Red Bull:

The image isn’t completely clear, but this looks pretty good. My main question is “What’s that hole for in the nose?” but again I’ll probably be defeated by my lack of knowledge of aerodynamics.

Due to the title sponsor, there was never going to be a change in the colour scheme. However I do like how the top air intake cowling is covered by the bull logo, meaning the fin has a more natural break line.


For only the second year and car for the team, this looks pretty advanced. While I’m not a huge fan of the dark grey colour, this has by far the best looking fin in terms of graphic design. It’s a race car appendage, so why not put some go-faster stripes on it? It kinda appeals to my 12 year old boy self that scribbled race car designs on school books.

Toro Rosso:

The last car revealed, but goes directly to the top of my “looks best” chart. The lighter blue colour scheme, a bigger break from the Red Bull colours, is going to make them much easier to tell apart during the races. The red is a great compliment, and the bull logo bleeding over onto the fin works so well in silver. The matching of the bull’s tail to the same line as the back edge of the fin is a really nice touch.


Luke’s Formula 1 2017 Car Launch Rankings

Aesthetics (shape and paint job):
Toro Rosso
Red Bull
Force India

Interesting looks/aerodynamic thingies:
Red Bull
Force India
Toro Rosso

Overall top 3:


If it was my choice, all the cars would be matte.


Speaking of Roborace…


The Formula 1 youtube channel is great now! Here is a wonderful recap of pre-season testing.




I am 100% behind the new pink paint job.


That is amazing and I can’t wait to see it on the track!


I hope this also means they have pink next to the driver codes on the on-screen timings during qualifications and races. This will mean each team has a unique coloring now, which makes things way easier.


Race 1 qualifications: looks fast!


Well I guess going pink really does assist. The Force India car looks really great on video too.

the McLaren cars look almost red rather than orange.
Mercedes doing well again, but so is Ferrari. Surprisingly quite a mixed field at the top, it’s not like blocks of cars.

Will probably see rain at some point.



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Race highlights! Grats to VET, well deserved win.


I watched most of the race live, and I’m not sure how many highlights there are to see after. The exciting part of the race is in the story of the greater season-long competition, where it’s not just Hamilton and Mercedes out ahead from the start to the end.

Otherwise there wasn’t a change of lead by anything other than pit stopping and strategy. A few fun overtakes, but way down in the midfield. There’s just way too much distance between the cars, even those in the top ten. When the first four cars lap the seventh car in the race, there’s a problem.


News for May: Alonso missing Monaco for the Indy 500, with Button coming back for one race to replace him.



More fun than drinking milk.