Flash Games

Well, not flash in 2020. But I found this nifty little platformer. Each screen has different keyboard keys on it, and you can only use those ones to move.

Spoiler alert, it gets pretty complex.

If anyone does want to play flash games in 2020, there is a project to preserve flash games: http://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/

The offline version contains 288 GB of flash games.


Oh ho ho

There is some content I’m sure people would rather be deleted in that archive.


Kongregate isn’t closing up shop, but they are not allowing new games, and are closing most of their chats. Details at the link.

over 128,000 amazing games

Wow. That’s a crazy amount of titles.

I can’t say I’ll miss Kongregate. Hadn’t played any flash games in years and years. For as long as flash spent as king, it sure had a total death.

I wonder what Newgrounds is going to do.

I’ll miss flash games for sure but I’m happy to see efforts to preserve them. I’m sure Newgrounds will come up with something similar.

What were everyone’s favorites? Mine were Sinjid, Sonny, Pandemic 2, Dark Cut 3, and the Epic Battle Fantasy Series.

My favorites were all tower defense games and Swords and Sandals. Can’t forget “Name that Beard” either.

Newgrounds is sponsoring ruffle

Fancy Pants Adventures and Ex Mortis were both outrageously high quality

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The funniest thing to me about ruffle, is that it indirectly uses vulkan for rendering. At least on desktop.


15 year late!


That’ll be a fun watch at SGDQ 2021.

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