Fan Remakes and Remixes

This thread is for all those games you have to download really really fast before they get taken down. Here’s the latest hotness.


I can’t wait to see the insanely hard levels that come out of this thing.

I can’t wait to see Capcom’s cease-and-desist letter.

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As a big Megaman fan I made sure I got a copy of Megamaker before Capcom takes it down. I’m surprised, it’s really well made. The maker parts are fairly intuitive and I made a level with no issues. If I had to complain I wish they had more bosses and powers, but I’m sure they’ll come in the future. That is, if Capcom lets the game have a future that is.

If anyone wants to try my level the ID code is: 29934. It’s called the Frozen Caverns. Metal Man is causing trouble in the Arctic, but the terrain is so tough the only way to get to him is to make your way through multiple caverns. I think I made it tough but mostly fair, I’m pleased with it as a first attempt. I even snuck a couple of secrets in.

The big rule of fan content is SHUT THE FUCK UP. Say nothing about your project, total skunk works blackout.

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Speaking of how to handle fan projects, here’s a dangerous advisory.
It’s amazing what you find by typing “PSA” into YouTube.

I was considering posting Woolie’s vid lol. He caught a lot more flak on that than he should have I think.

Why would he get flak? He was 100% right.

Also, I’m giving you flack for posting something old. We already discussed that video. You are late to the party.

He got a lot of shit for "You’re telling people it’s okay to break the law!” "You’re giving legal advice and you’re not a lawyer!” etc… It was a minor shitshow and I’ll say nothing more since it’s been discussed.

So, Nintendo shot down a Metroid II fan remake. The good news, though, is that the developer got hired at Moon Studios, who made Ori and the Blind Forest.