Fallout 76

Ok, so I been watching to see how this game goes, and checking out people streaming the beta on Twitch. It looks beta and broken as hell. It looks like there is no serious competitive aspect worth a damn, since PVP is piss poor. We don’t have to care about doing well, or winning and losing. Just go around having good old Fallout times. It also only has microtransactions for purely cosmetic stuff, so we only have to pay the entry fee. It also looks way fun, despite its issues.

I can’t see myself playing this for an extended period of time, but I can see playing it to get through this cold winter. Since it’s multiplayer I don’t think we can wait for the $10 GOTY edition, like I’m still waiting for with Fallout 4. That means a $60 flat fee for preordering the digital edition on Amazon.


What I’ve decided is that if I can get enough other people to commit and actually play it together, then I’ll go for it. If I have to play alone, then it’s not worth it. Who is in who will actually commit to playing together on a somewhat regular basis for at least a month or three?

Beware the beta. You can’t uninstall it till you buy the game.


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I’m kinda down, but I’d also wait a little longer - give it a month or two post-release so that they can sort out the initial jank, which is apparently sub-fucking-stantial.

It is very substantial, but I feel like if I’m waiting too long after the start, I’m not going to start at all. The fun in the multiplayer game is getting in on the ground floor and riding the ride.

I guess I’ll put myself in the same boat. I’ll buy it and play it anytime I see someone from the group online for a few months, I just finished dark souls so I’m looking for a game to play, even better if there’s friends.

I’ve never played Fallout, but am intrigued with playing it solo and for the RPG open world fun. However, I read an article that the game is geared more towards online multiplayer. Would it be worth it for me to get into, especially if I just want to solo?

Your better off getting New Vegas when it goes on sale for like 5 bucks later this month. 76 looks like it’s trying to chase the Destiny dragon from everything I see.

Fallout 76 is 100% multiplayer. If you want the solo action you can go and play Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4. All are crazy inexpensive and will give hours upon hours of gameplay. Don’t bother with older games in those series because they will be too much of a pain in terms of technology and UI to play conveniently.

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As someone who literally has Destiny open in another window as I type this, that’s a big fuckin’ dragon to chase.


I have played the Beta a bit. When someone else is there it is more or less enjoyable. Not horrible. If your internet speed is not great (like mine currently is) the game will not run very well. But it looks like a kind of long-haul online game. Some of the base-building aspects already frustrate me a little, but many of the mechanics seem to exist to push you to continually collect scrap and do Fallout stuff to keep rebuilding and upgrading your higher leveled weapons. I love Fallout 4’s crafting and settlements, and I’m hoping I will eventually find myself loving that aspect of 76. Also hoping my friends don’t get flaky when it actually is out on Wednesday.

This doesn’t seem like enough people. Unless someone comes out of the woodwork I think I’ll take a pass.

You can only play with parties of four (including yourself). So you only need three other people to have a full party running around. Also, everyone isn’t in the same server at once (though you can at any time jump into a friend’s server to group with them).

I bought it, was going to play this next week.

I’m in if we have four.

Oh no, the ship is turning around.

Tell you what. Let’s make a discord channel. If we get enough people in the discord channel who are going to play, I’ll buy it.

I have created a Discord channel.

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Dodged a huge bullet not playing this game. Thanks everybody for being non-committal.


I spent a few hours with it and was very disappointed overall. It might be good after 1-2 years of patches, at which point no one will be playing.