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The FDA is actually going to do something good? Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, just surprised. Of course, it doesn’t go far enough, but I’ll take it.


Ya ever see that James Randi thing where he downs a bottle of fake medicine in front of an audience while mocking the label saying something like “if you consume more than advised contact your local poison control agency”

I’ve always wanted to do that like with some garbage surely in my moms cabinets. Problem being it’s not really knowable at a glance so you’d have to prepare to do it ahead of time… Which I’m not prepared to do.

There’s also a percentage of “homeopathic” medicine that actually contain real drugs so you have to check before pulling that stunt.

It’s sad that “FDA decides to do part of their job” is a noteworthy headline, but I’ll take it. Not sure if it offsets adding pseudomedicine to VA services though.

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In a recent episode Scott talked about back pain, and how little you can do about it. This leads to people going to ever increasingly randi-bullshit people until they find some kind of relief.

When I had a trapped nerve in my spine, I met someone who had had a similar problem. For them it got so bad, and they kept trying more fake medicine solutions, until they went to see a hypnosis. At first I thought this was going to be a basic pain relief hypnotism story, like the stopping smoking stories.

But then she said that she was taken back through past lives until the hypnotist found someone who had been stung by a wasp on their spine.

In a past life you were stung by a wasp on your spine. And she accepted that.

I can’t remember what the result of that story was, and how it helped her. But at the time I was in SO MUCH PAIN that was lasting for weeks and weeks, that I knew how someone could come to the point of trying a hypnotist and believing such a diagnosis. I was a physical and emotional wreck! It would have taken very little to tip me over into all kinds of bullshit medicine. Not homeopathy or acupuncture or hypnosis, but there are all kinds of back stretching contraptions that cost a lot and probably have just as little science backing them up.

This is why in order to protect people from themselves, it must be completely illegal to sell or promote any non-real medicine. People who use it aren’t bad, they are victims. Most of the time the people selling it aren’t evil at heart either. They truly believe they are helping others. The problem is that it is a many-billion dollar industry, that is not acceptable.