Fail of your Boo-Yah (and vica-versa)


Yeah, you don’t pave an actual street with that. It would suck.


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I really wish they would use more concrete. It makes more noise with cars, but it’s more durable, and more heat resistant because it’s gray instead of black. At bus stops they frequently make a block of concrete in the shape of a bus. In places they don’t, you can see huge indentations in the road right where the bus tires go.

Asphalt is just cheaper to pave. It’s also easier and cheaper to destroy and replace if you have to dig a hole in the street. In NYC that is quite often.
[/quote]Mate, it’s not even just that - they use the cheapest, shittiest method to do it, too. Roads here, despite the heat, don’t melt, your shoes do. They don’t wear down like that, except over a long period of time, and buses don’t get concrete stop pads to stop the road surface sinking. An Asphalt road is perfectly fine(well, it’s fit for purpose, at least, there are other reasons to use concrete, like being gray instead of black), if you build it properly. But building it that well is far more expensive - plus, you also have a greater range of temperatures to account for, not exactly snowing half the year down here.

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Yeah, you don’t pave an actual street with that. It would suck.
[/quote]I encountered more than a few streets like that in the UK, be it because it was meant to be that way, or just because the road had worn down to the point the cobbles were showing through. Nothing wakes you up of a cold morning like stepping on a loose cobblestone, having it shift, and shooting a nice jet of freezing melt-water up your trouser leg.


Ahhh… the memories…


National Broadband Network reached my neighbourhood.

Since the change in Government, the initial plan was changed from fibre to every home to a mix of fibre that is split among a street or apartment complex, fibre to the home (premises, direclty to your modem, this is the only passable option) and cable Internet is good enough.

Ended up in the 30% of the population who is just getting cable internet is good enough which is terrible, friends have 100 - 200 megabits down and up while I have 20 at offpeak and 8 on peak which is worse than ADSL.

Need to move lol.


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Ended up in the 30% of the population who is just getting cable internet is good enough which is terrible, friends have 100 - 200 megabits down and up while I have 20 at offpeak and 8 on peak which is worse than ADSL.
[/quote]Literally the same problem here, but I have slightly better down at basically all times, usually around 28-30 according to speedtest. My upload is not good, though, 1.5mbps on it’s best day.

If I’ll be able to get FTTH is a toss-up - I live right on a corner, and that’s already screwed me more than once in terms of internet providers, so god only knows.


Fail; Just a shitter of a time from work and things I can’t talk about but just a week of crushing misery. And dealing with the Japanese post office trying to send some money back home. Frustrating situation made more so by bad communication. Also the summer camp I’m working has some of the worst people there. Just obnoxiously fake poor teachers. I was also reminded of the human garbage that is Ryan Boundless.

Booh-Yah; Carried a 100kg rock up a mountain yesterday in a spectacular piece of one up man-ship between two old villages over who has got the taller mountain. Got to hangout with the mayor of the town where its held and a man who was not part of the yakuza in any shape or form. (And that his tattoos are just for decoration). They wondered why I didn’t pass the rock off to someone else but were impressed with my dumb strength. Much beer was drank, meat consumed and toasts. I got to be on the TV where they had a good laugh at my Japanese.

Minor-fail; Dislocated thumb and both knees are buggered. When I spoke to my doctor last he asked if I believed in god, I said no. he said I should if I didn’t want surgery in five years time.

Minor booh-yeah; There is a typhoon coming but thats good as its going to be under 33c for once.


Boo-yah: Katie finally quit her job, which I’ve been trying to get her to do for over a year because the culture is toxic and they don’t value her. I’m glad because I’m hoping it will give her a chance to reset and focus on herself for a bit.

Fail: The encounter that finally pushed her over the edge. Fucking white male misogynist shitbag trying to tell her what she, as a woman, can and should be doing with her life. Fuck him and fuck that company.


Did she tell them off? Oh man. Would have paid money to see her go off. Good for her.


She didn’t at the time, since it happened yesterday and she quit today. She was so flustered at the time that it didn’t register until later the impact of what he said.


After 6 months of climbing once a week I nailed a V3 bouldering problem.

I then jumped down unevenly and sprained my left ankle.


Still, good job on the v3! That’s a BIG jump from the 0-2s. I still can’t do every V3 I encounter to this day =P


Instead of landing in Shenzhen like my flight was supposed to, due to inclement weather, we were diverted to an airport that’s much closer to where I live. Which would be great, but (my luggage and) I can’t get off the plane, so I have to wait until we can fly back then take a 10 hour train tomorrow with no seat.


Boo-yah; my package for my birthday in July finally came from the UK! was starting to get a bit worried

Fail; The marmite did not travel well…


14 items from your Steam wishlist are on sale!


Boo-yah; Had a great weekend snowboarding. Was my first time and picked it up really easily. Was just like skateboarding only without being able to move your feet. Had a grand time with my girlfriend and some of her friends. All sorted for another visit at the end of the month.

Fail; I fell over a lot. To the point where I have some bruises in some bad places. If you follow my twitter you will have seen my pains.

Sort of boo-yeah? Had a great line from my doctor “wow those are some big testicles!” So I learnt a new word there.

Definate fail; had three old women laugh at my smashed plumbs.


Boo-yah: Had a phone screen with T-Mobile for an RF Engineer II position near-ish NYC, despite having 0 professional experience with RF or wireless communications. From the beginning of the call the HR guy made it sound it i was probably getting an interview. Basically a dream job right now, or at least an excellent way to get into the field and get whatever kind of job I want in a few years.

Fail: My lack of a driver’s license is almost certainly a deal-breaker; the only reason I got this far was the system messing up and not asking me.

Boo-yah: I have an interview coming up for a place in downtown Chicago.


fail: couch has a hole in it
boo-yah: shopping for new awesome living room furnitture. Got a guy to come and hang my TV on the wall and also my bicycle on the wall! Much more living space!
fail: my computer broke too much, and I had to get a new one before I wanted to.
boo-yah-ish: I am going to stream some PC-building tomorrow.
boo-yah: We got a random bonus at work which can cover this surprise expense.
fail: I got home and found out that a drive in my NAS has failed. I’ve already replaced the PSU in this NAS. It is old and janky. Can I trust it to work if I buy a new drive and slide it in? I think I have to buy a new NAS.

My moneys :frowning:


Just replace the drive. Drives fail all the time. My NAS is a 14-year-old Dell running Linux—Celeron!


I could, but I don’t trust this NAS for shit.

  1. I had to replace the PSU with a bootleg one. The fact that replacement PSUs were easy to find tells you something.
  2. It has kernel panics sometimes when it boots, so I am afraid to turn it off now that it is on and working.
  3. It only supports SMB v1. Windows removed SMB v1 support because it is inherently insecure. I had to re-add it in the hidden windows feature menu.
  4. Your NAS is just a computer running Linux, so it can do anything. This old NAS can do a lot, especially considering when I bought it. But now it is severely lacking in features. A new NAS can give me the automated cloud backups I’m looking for.
  5. I’m very afraid for my data now that one drive is down. I need a guaranteed safe rescue ASAP. If I just get the one drive, and it doesn’t work, my data will be at risk for a longer period of time. A new NAS is nearly 100% guaranteed to save me.

  1. Disks are cheap.
  2. You’re still going to want to reconstruct your data right now while you buy a replacement NAS solution.
  3. The new NAS is also going to want disks. You can repurpose the new disk later for the new NAS.
  4. Aside: Is this the kind of NAS you can install a different OS on? Deal with item 2 first.