Eurovision 2017

Here we go. Recap of the entries:

Ukraine seems… poignant in light of recent events?

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The annual Ukraine/Russia problems are raising their heads again with a possibility that the Russian performer could be banned from entering Ukraine. I was not following the forums last year so what is the American take on it. Do people just watch Graham Norton sarcasm with the British broadcast or what?

Also on it - Pink news did a bad April Fools day joke story about it:

Okay - I noticed the Maldova’s entry had a good saxaphone breakdown in it and looking it up It is literally Epic Sax Guy back again:

Of all the songs Maldova, Portugal, Italy and Romania are the ones I am looking forward to.

I better plan my Eurovision party and pick a country. We all make a dish from the country we’re supporting.

There was talk of the station that broadcasts it here in Australia of starting an Asia-Pacific version but let’s face it, South Korea would win every year.

Why is the Grand Final YouTube stream blocked in the US? I don’t remember that ever being the case before.

Free watching in the US at

having some fun talking about it in a discord chat. A lot of good songs - Croatia did an amazing one person duet but has a long history of homophobia so I won’t vote for him.

Ah shit.

We have tabulated our scores. I’m all for Epic Sax Guy from Moldova, Juliane is for Hipster Crooner from Portugal. #Eurovision

I guess me rating Croatia so highly probably means nothing if other people were more knowledgable about his homophobia than I was.

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I am deeply offended by all the countries’ juries’ love of Portugal.

I’m not the biggest fan of how much loving of Portugal the people of Europe seemed to do

I guess Europeans really love that kind of thing? Portugal to me was just weird crooner guy.

I was pleasantly surprised by Dami Im last year, but this year I’m mostly just surprised our entry rated so highly. Even though we dropped a number of places and barely stayed in the top ten.

Well, that’s exciting news.

holy shit fifteen