Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

E3 2017 will be open to the public this year, and tickets will go on sale starting Monday at 12PM (EST). Passes will have a $100 discount on the first day. (EDIT: Only the first 1,000 tickets will be discounted.)

Tickets can be bought here.

Who even goes to E3 anymore?

All the press, still. Last year was the first time I recall that they opened it to the public via tickets to exhibitors, this year, they just seem to have cut our the middleman.

Everything I know about E3 I learned from megatokyo. Everything, in this case, is that it takes place in Japan and that it’s only open to the press.

The E3 part was before they went in Japan.

Was it really?

I read that many many years ago. I could have sworn that they went to Japan to go to E3.

Just to make sure that my memory isn’t as faulty as it is, I just now checked the first few pages of Megatokyo (which is still ongoing).
It starts by the characters trying to get in E3, find out it’s industry only event and after some pages get drunk and decide to go to Japan.

Still going? I suppose you really have to hand it to Mr. Gallagher keeping that going so long.

Yeah, it’s only about a page a month now, and frankly, it’s kind of gibberish, but still going.

Still not a patch on Howard Taylor, though - his comic is Daily, colour, with bigger comics on saturday and sunday, and he hasn’t missed a single day since the year 2000.