Elections Around the World

Sweden is moving in the wrong direction.

Applied to NATO just in time I guess.

To quote Bloomberg: “Italy is about to get its most right-wing government since World War II.”


Lula’s projected to win the Brazil presidential election. 96% of the vote’s counted and he’s ahead by almost 1.5% (50.73% v. 49.27%, about 1.6 million votes).


I’m so happy for Brazil. I want that for us.


The fascist has not conceded the election yet. We could see a Trump-style coup still.

Today in Brazil, rioters are conducting their own assault on their seat of Congress & Supreme Court in the capitol city Brasilia. There are reports of protests/riots in other major cities as well.

A local journalist reporting the events:

Absolutely earth shattering election going down in Turkey.

Erdogan says there will be peaceful transition of power if he loses. If you can believe it.

The polling suggests he might lose.

Will the election be held fairly? Will Turkey be saved or fall further into darkness?

The center and left has, as best I can gather from reporting, unified to to try take him down. This is a historic moment if they win.



Not looking too good.

Good result in Toronto mayoral election.

Crazy right wing nut job will be president of Argentina. I got a bunch of coworkers there. Wishing them well.

It’s real bad. This guy might literally ruin the currency and the economy for generations.

That’s every major Argentine politician in the modern era.


This is, somehow, a step worse. This guy is nutty and also a Nazi.

He criticizes comprehensive sex education in schools as a form of brainwashing, expressed skepticism towards COVID-19 vaccines, supports civilian firearm ownership, proposes to legalize the sale of human organs, promotes the far-right Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory, engages in climate change denial, and wants to restrict immigration of criminals.


Yeah I know hes a terrible guy, but I mean the economics side of it, anarcho-capitalism after Peronism is not necessarily a significantly more destructive shift.

Even in The Netherlands the far right nutjobs are winning. A proportional representative Democracy can’t help you when 37% of the population are racists and Islamophobes who have not helping refugees as their highest priority.

Thought that sounded wrong - 24% and 37 seats.

Having been around the country a bit (small and large towns) it’s mad that they think they need to stop immigrants to have a good quality of life; things are pretty good there.

Edit: still too many racists of course.

Oh interesting. Shows what I know about how their government works. I thought it was directly proportional.


Taiwan voted for the option that is less friendly for China.