Eat Poop You Cat

We played a game of Eat Poop You Cat recently that certainly… went places.

the incredible, edible egg.

Bring forth the strong egg from my cavernous mouth


I shouldn’t have tried to eat the angry potato: it is hurting me


Knives akimbo golden raisin is coming for your tongue


hurted through the grapevine

The grapes of wrath begin the revolution

That time George Washington shot himself in the face with giant grapes

George Washington’s explosively viticultural facial

George Washington’s embarrassed but reserved acceptance of champagne bukkake

George Washington in a Champagne Supernova

A drunken Orson Wells dwells within the sky vagina, which spews forth space men.

Space vagina with an old orson welles head for a clitoris invades while spewing astronauts from its insides, real old orson welles points out the irony


y’all. I am continually amazed at the drawing skills you have.

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