It’s the book club book of 2017! You want to be read up when the episode drops, right? You need a copy of the book!

Through a fantastic coincidence, one of my favorite youtubers/indie creators and serious business Dune fan Comic Book Girl 19 is putting together a Dune Box for this summer. What’s in the box?

  • A copy of Dune.
  • Some knickknacks. 🤷
  • #DuneClub — a interactive book club and discussion hosted by CBG19 with weekly assigned reading over 12 weeks this summer!

I read Dune—back when I ran out of Wheel of Time at book 3—so that was a while ago. (Lots of interesting parallels, too, both linguistic and thematic.) Dune is weird and complicated and great. If you want a guided group read, then check this out!

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