Dune: Part Two (2024) Discussion

Dune 2 discourse is pop(corn)ing off .

Can’t wait to see it in IMAX, and I just might buy the ridiculous popcorn tub.

I’ve been trying to figure out what we call it.


I am calling it 2une (“tune”) to everyone I know IRL, but did not want to confuse the title situation for anyone on the thread.

Jokey memes aside, I’ve been thinking about it in my head as “New Dune - part 2” and whenever I’ve spoken about the first movie I’ve referred to it as “the new Dune.”

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The first one was DU. This one is NE.


DUNE 2: Episode 1

Alternate title in other markets: Dü

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I mean Denis wants to make Messiah, so kinda appropriate

From the Part 1 release


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I’m deeply excited to see the next one.

Me too, also one more poster for good measure.

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Fifteen characters of yesssssssssssss

I can’t see it for a few weeks, so I’m out of this thread for a while.

I’ll throw SARDAUCAR out there in case anyone wants to join me ON THE GO.


Nissan Al Gaib

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I just rewatched the Syfy Dune Miniseries for comparison sake after seeing Dune Part 2 in theaters.

Very interesting to compare the focal points of both adaptations. I think the Mini-series overall does a much, much better job in teaching you about the Fremen culture and the theatricality of the lighting I think really adds to the New Wave 60s sci-fi vibe of the Book.

There are individual scenes or even characters I think are done better in Dune Part 1 and 2, but on the whole I think the SyFy miniseries is the better story adaption for me.

You’re making me tempted to rewatch it. I didn’t see the miniseries until long long after I had read the books and seen Lynch’s film. I remember being pretty upset over a lot of little changes that were made when I saw it. Mostly Irulan showing up as such a major player so early.