Do You Even Lift, Brah? (Exercise Thread)

I’m guessing a lot of us do some kind of exercise. I thought I’d make a thread for sharing what we do to keep fit, whether there are any new things we’ve tried and which worked for us, and whether we’ve had any recent successes (e.g. towed a truck with our teeth).

I usually exercise a lot in the spring, summer, and fall. Then I turn in to a blob in winter.

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Summer is my blob season. It’s too damn hot for anything so I just retreat indoors. Winter, now that’s hiking season.

I go to the gym 3x a week, and lift from home! I also take a martial arts class, but that’s not really for the exercise.

I wish I were better at hiking. I love the experience, but I hate getting winded. Endurance is something I’m working on this winter, and I’d love routine tips from anyone who knows what they’re talking about :smiley:

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I’ve been trying to ride an exercise bike, 30 minutes, every other day. The scientifically proven best bang for your effort.


When I exercised more regularly, I just changed up what exercise I did. Swimming for the summertime, other stuff like running(which honestly, never enjoyed) in the winter.

I am 1.5 weeks postpartum and my exercise routine, as prescribed by my doctor, is to walk for 15 minutes three times a day. It may sound like nothing, but just going grocery shopping felt like running a marathon. I can’t wait to recover a bit more so that I can get active again.


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Unironically that may be more exercise than half the country gets.

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30-60 minutes on the treadmill as often as I can usually how I consume Anime.


I have been trying to cycle a bit more this summer. It at least generates some breeze so it’s a bit more bearable than running.

What martial art do you do? Also, are there any good hiking trails near where you live?

I was just informed that I can not have an exercise bike in the house due to my girlfriend not wanting it in said house. Looks like I am going to check out the YMCA this week.

I practice Aikido, for about…8-9 years? I lost count after 5.

And there are a few modest trails at some nearby parks, but they’re super tame and short. I live in Queens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made a pact with my wife and my dog to get out of the city a little more during the warm months and add more hiking to our lives.


I’m still going to college, so I my classes normally end up on opposite ends of the campus, allowing me to run for about mile in between them, giving me around 4-5 miles a day. Along with bouldering at the campus gym when my fingers can handle it, the occasional hiking/backpacking trip, and the rare set of push ups makes up my exercise.

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Ah, that is fairly urban.

I suppose I should add what I do. I ride home from work on the city cycles a few times a week and do weightlifting with a trainer twice a week. I used to run a lot but I’ve got a knee injury I am bouncing back from.

Hey, so I’m attempting to build my endurance on a treadmill. I’ve been improving my overall running, but I still can’t last very long past 60 seconds at 6 mph. I’ve mostly been doing running intervals with a 30+ minute walk at 4mph thrown in there, but I don’t want to repeat myself too much.

Can anyone recommend some long-term plans or routines? I’m doing some research on my own but I’d love to hear from people with experience too.

And I’m not putting this out there so y’all can shit on treadmills or whatever, it’s what I got so if you’re going to answer, answer what I asked. Thanks!

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I mean if you are not used to running, I recommend doing a lot of walking at 4 to 4.5 miles an hour, if that seems easy start increasing the incline on the treadmill. You’ll want to do this for a while. If you start getting bored you can add a bit of 5 or 5.5 mph but honestly if you are working out to get cardo, you probably are hitting your heart rate targets just by walking at 4.5 especially with an bit of a incline (when I say incline I only mean max 3 for right now) add stuff in small increments and don’t hesitate to backslide or vary the stuff your doing to keep you from getting bored.


I think shitting on treadmills is a really bad idea. Stepping in poop is the worst thing ever, so stepping in your own poop many times over would be even worse.